Travel Program Finance Information


Club Fee is due by each player to the club ($350) for the entire soccer year (Fall and Spring seasons).  This fee is payable online once your player has accepted his/her position after tryout.  This fee is due at the time of acceptance into the club, typically in early May after tryouts are over. 

Team Fees vary and are set by each team depending on their competition and training program. Team fees are payable directly to each team and may range from $500- $1000 annually depending on level of play.  These fees are due at various times throughout the year as set by the travel team staff.

Nether United travel registration fees support the club's budgeted expense items such as: professional director of coaching, field maintenance, administration fees, league registration fees,  insurance and other items found in our annual budget.  In addition, the club pays many fees related to each team directly to a number of different organizations.

Fees Paid Directly by the Club:

  1. Affiliation fees to US Club and or EPYSA are paid by the club.
  2. League fees:  Fall and Spring registration fees for PAGS, DELCO, MAPS or any league affiliated with USYSA and US Club are paid directly by the club.

Fees Reimbursed by the club:

1.Outdoor Cup Fees in lieu of entrance into a Spring League.



Each team must appoint a team manager/treasurer to help handle administrative issues.  The team manager/treasurer can handle many things, most importantly to the club this person would:

  1. create a team budget and collect funds from team members.
  2. handle issues regarding player passes with club registrar
  3. be team liaison for annual Nether Soccer tournament

For more information or clarification on any of the above, please contact the club’s treasurer, Josh Wilson


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