Nether United Youth Development Academy Details

The Academy consists of two age groups for each gender – one, the 7-8 year old player (U8 Academy) and one for the 5-6 year old player (U7 Academy).  This allows players to learn more technical training in addition to their intramural season. The size of the age groups will depend on the number of players that register but we will max it out at 20 participants per age group per gender.

Age groups - All local 5-6 year olds (Mini) & 7 to 8 year old (Novice) players are invited to take part in the Nether Academy. 
The Academy’s training curriculum is designed to improve:
·         Players technical ability including, ball control, short & long passing, dribbling, finishing
·         Players ability to understand basic tactical play such as basic combination play
·         Players awareness of space during game situations
·         Players awareness of teammates & apposition during games
·         Player’s decision making, when to pass, when to dribble
·         The sessions will focus on individual balls skills and will end each night with a scrimmage.
Sessions will be held on one weekday evening per week during soccer season and on one weekend afternoon during Winter Session. All will take place at local Wallingford fields or gymnasiums. Registration fee is $75-90/session. See here for current season registration
If you have any questions regarding the Nether United Development Academy please contact Nether Intramural Academy Director, John Lenart.


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