Nether Travel Soccer Performance Summer Day Camps 

Open to all travel-level players from inside and outside the club, these camps will take place on our international level soccer fields in Wallingford, are staffed with qualified and dedicated expert-level youth coaches from across the area to bring your player world-class, age specific, affordable, SUMMER SOCCER FUN & development.

Camps will take place at Robert Urban Soccer Complex or Chester Park Fields. Registered players will receive exact location and other key details by June 1. 

All camps can be registered online here

Sports Performance/Speed and Agility Camp – $75. Ensure your child stays fit this summer. Our One-day Sports Performance Camps help players improve overall athletic ability and fitness, and give them great ideas on how to continue to work on conditioning over the summer. As a result, players will be better prepared for their fall season. Run by Sports Performance Director, Eddie Worley, Nether United’s Sports Performance Camps are very popular.

· Camp 1: June 28: 9 AM – 1030 7-10 year olds, 10:45-12:15 PM 11-13 year olds, 12:30-2p 14-18 years old

· Camp 2: July 26: 9 AM – 1030am 7-10 year olds, 10:45-12:15 PM 11-13 year olds,; 12:30-2p 14-18 years old

Directors Camp June 24-27th  This camp shall be run by the club's top coaches and directors.  Signing up will give you the opportunity to work with some of our premier and experienced staff. A perfect way to start off your summer soccer with our Directors leading the way. 7-10 year olds-10a-12pm; 11-13 year olds 1-3pm 14 years and older 1-3pm. $175.00

Speed and Skills Camp: (July 8-11th) - focus on improving speed, agility and technique with both feet.  The science is there to show why you should be able to use both feet, balance, control, strength and speed are all affected by being able to move and use both feet efficiently.  7-10 year olds-10a-12pm; 11-13 year olds 1-3pm 14 years and older 1-3pm$150.00

Striker and Goalies. (July 15th-18th). Goals wins games.  This camp is all about scoring and saving.  Long range, short range, tap ins, volleys, individual efforts, team goals expect lots of opportunities to go to goal.  We will also have a GK specific coach players interested in playing in goal will get the opportunity to work with GK coach then after break go into shooting exercises and games. 7-10 year olds-10a-12pm; 11-13 year olds 1-3pm 14 years and older 1-3pm$150.00

Goalkeeper Academy Summer Camp info is located here

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