Fall and Spring Intramural Academies

Nether organizes outdoor training once weekly for all Mini and Novice age groups in both the Spring and Fall seasons.


Travel Light Program - For the Novice Age group, players can take part in the Travel Light Program - this is option for a player who wants to take part in a professionally run and organized, developmentally appropriate, year-round competitive and training program. This includes Fall, Winter and Spring Nether's Academy sessions plus several festivals (tournaments) and/or Friendlies in the Fall, Winter and Spring. All training sessions and festivals are professionally led and on local area fields. As well, all parents will have access to an age group website where they can easily see the annual program online, 24/7 and communicate with each other, the staff, professional coaches and the age group coordinator.  

Our goal is to ensure we always have a well-run, easy to use, local program that develops interested 7-year-old players in a European styled program.  

What this program isn't is a full travel soccer program, meaning all trainings will be in Wallingford and competitions will be in the Wallingford area. It also allows a player to take part in Intramurals if they wish and for sure to take part in another sport concurrently (in fact we encourage it!).  This also allows players to play with their school friends and the local community with events like going to college soccer games (Widener and Swarthmore) and Strath Haven High School games and work as ball boys/girls, get to meet the players as well as a celebration event at a Union game in the Spring. 


Nether United Intramural Academy - This program takes the Travel Light Program and breaks it down so a family can register for just the spring, winter or fall programs and not commit to all three. This program also includes the Mini boys and girls divisions. 

This program includes several 6-8 weeks of training each season which allows players the opportunity to learn the game of soccer from professional youth trainers.

Nether United Academy is a program for all Mini and Novice players primarily but does include Petite and First Timers for the Winter session. It is designed for fun and learning the basic skills of the sport of soccer! Each player will receive a training t-shirt, and all sessions will include technical skill building from our curriculum, followed by fun soccer activities with a ball and free play which allows players to express their creativity and enjoyment for the game of soccer! 

This program allows players to register 'as you go' and take part in any of the sessions Nether hosts throughout the year. These invitations are sent out to all Nether families via email so a player can register for 1, 2 or all 3 of them as their schedule permits. 

The sessions are limited to 30 children per age group, all sessions are led by professional youth trainers & will focus on individual technical skills, ending with a fun scrimmage where the little players can show off their new skills.


  • Spring and Fall Sessions will run Fridays during the Intramural seasons at local club fields. 
  • Winter sessions are run weekend later afternoons at Wallingford/Media-area gyms starting early January and ending by March 1. 

For more information, contact intramurals@npaasoccer.com

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