Papoose Rules of Play

Age Group:
4-5 years old (U6)
4 periods
Period Duration:
8 minutes
Time Between Periods:
2 minutes
Time Between Halves:
5 minutes after second period
Total Running Time:
41 minutes
Number of players per side:
4v4 , no goal keepers
Ball Size:
Size 3
Goal Size:
4 feet x 6 feet
Field Size:
25 x 30 yards. No penalty nor goal area. 3 yd circle
Number of Coaches on Field:
One Coach on Field/team who serve as referee
Field Location:
Smedley Park Fields

  • Papoose is a fun, easy, child-friendly introduction to the sport. Parents and coaches are to refrain from causing any issues that would interfere with that. NO COACHING FROM THE PARENT SIDELINES. Coaching is only to be done by the coaches.
  • All players are to get equal playing time.
  • Coaches will serve as the on-field referees. Coaches should agree pre-game who is refereeing which quarter. A whistle is to be used to stop the play
  • No keeping score or records.
  • Balls out of bounds may be kicked in or dribbled in. No throw-ins. If offensive team kicks ball over end line the other team takes possession will kick or dribble the ball into play from the end line. Opposing team must stay 10 yards away as ball is put in play. If the defensive team kicks ball over end line, the other team should pass or dribble the ball in from that corner. Opposing team must stay 10 yards away.
  • If a penalty is called, the team fouled takes possession from the point of the foul. Coach who is serving as the referee is to call any tripping, pushing fouls and blow whistle for any play stoppages and calmly explain to both teams what happened.
  • No goalie is permitted. Coaches are not to position players in a position to act as a goalie. This is important as we are to try and keep all players on the field engaged in the game and try to get them to touch the ball as much as possible. Player may only be in circle if actively involved in play.
  • Coaches should not encourage players to hang by their offensive goal. Objective is to keep the players involved in the game as much as possible. 
  • No slide tackles, pushing, tripping permitted.
  • If one team is clearly dominating the game, the opposing team may put in an extra player or two.
  • All teams are responsible for lining fields, setting up fields as directed by the Papoose Commissioner 


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