Nether United Intramural & Petite Programs

Get ready!! Nether United's Intramural Soccer program is again leading the way in recreational soccer!

For more than 55 years, Nether Soccer has been providing local children the opportunity to play America’s most popular youth sport and have evolved and improved to bring your child the best developmental and most fun program in the Delaware County and nearby area.


· Fully led professional training for every age group and session - All intramural training sessions will feature professional youth trainers partnered with our parent volunteer coaches.  

· Qualified Youth Coaches who make it fun and relate to the players - Nether's professional youth trainers are coaches with USSF youth coaching licenses and a wealth of experience in coaching and making soccer fun.  These coaches will provide our players with a national training program where each child will learn age appropriate soccer fundamentals, sportsmanship and teamwork all in a comfortable environment for your child to meet new friends and create new experiences.  

· Professionally Advised Weekend Games - For several weekends during the season, Nether United's staff coaches will be onhand to assist our dedicated parent coaches.  These coaches are there to provide insight and assist in helping our Intramural games run smoothly.

Nether United is excited to provide this recreational soccer program and look forward to seeing you on the fields! 

Registration and Additional Information

· Make sure your child is registered for this outstanding new program - CLICK HERE to register now.

· Registration runs July 1 through August 15th for regular registration. $140 for Intramural and $100 for Petite

· Late Registration runs August 15 - September 8th. $165 for Intramural and $120 for Petite. 

 *Prices increase for late registration so don't miss out! 

- New this year - Volunteer fee Credit - all coaches who volunteer their time and meet the full season commitment for practices and games will receive a $25 credit back towards their registration fee at the end of the season.  

Important Additional Information:

  • Any requests such as specific teammates or to be on a specific coach's team - PLEASE KNOW, we do not meet these requests as we believe in changing teams each season and year to allow the players to have new experiences and to ensure a balance of new and existing players. Additionally, our new format will have everyone in the same age group practicing on the same night and field.  With this change we have eliminated the car pool request within the program.
  • Read the helpful Intramural FAQ information we posted on our website here as it answers a lot of the questions you may have. 
  • To learn all about the program, get the important info before registering & see each age group's schedule go to here
  • To register, go here
  • Questions? please contact us at:

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