Mini Program

Mini Program

Rules of Play for the Mini Program 


Age Group:

6-7 years old (U7)


4 periods

Period Duration:

10 minutes

Time Between Periods:

2 minutes

Time Between Halves:

5 minutes after second period

Total Running Time:

49 minutes

Number of players per side:

4V4. No dedicated goalkeepers allowed. Only sweeper/keepers

Ball Size:

Size 3

Goal Size:

4 feet x 9 feet

Field Size:

30yds x 40yds – 4 yd box / 4 yd circle



Field Location:


Mini Rules:


  • If one team has fewer players than the normal allowed on the field, the opponent plays with the same number of players as the opposing team.
  • No score keeping nor records. 
  • If one team is clearly dominating a game, the opposing team can put 1-2 extra players in until game is more equal for both teams.
  • The same team taps off for the 1st and 3rd periods. The other team taps off at the start of the 2nd and 4th periods. Teams switch sides at half time.
  • Substitutions can be made at any point to keep kids fresh and involved.
  • All players play at least half of the game. Players must rotate positions.
  • No throw-ins, only kick-ins are to be taken if the ball goes out of bounds on the sidelines. Opposing team needs to give at least 3 yards space for the inbound pass to take place.
  • Goal kicks are taken when the attacking team knocks the ball out of bounds across the end line. Opposing team must wait at midfield and not proceed across until the pass is completed.
  • No off-sides.
  • When a foul occurs, such as a dangerous play, tripping, handling, slide tackling etc., play is stopped to allow the referee or coach to quickly explain the error. Penalty kicks are all indirect (even if within the penalty box) and from the spot of the foul. If a penalty occurs inside the penalty box, the penalty kick is taken from directly outside the box at the point closest to the foul. All fouls should calmly be explained to all players as a learning experience.
  • Coaches on the field must stay out of players’ way, out of the box and clear of the goal.
  • Keeper/Sweeper role is to be rotated each quarter. A Keeper/Sweeper role is defined as a position that is not ’stuck’ in the goal and when the ball is in their defensive half, plays as a traditional goalie with their hands in the box. When the ball goes upfield, they come up and play as a defender all the way up to the circle. They receive passes and play as ’last man back. This allows the team’s defenders to attack, while the goalkeeper covers as the last man back. The goalkeeper stays higher up the field than he or she might normally do, and performs the defensive actions of a sweeper by clearing long balls sent to his defensive side and dribbling/passing to his team mates. What he/she shouldn’t do is play in his 6 yd box and wait. He is an active player, involved in all aspects of the game.

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