2008 Nether Boys Age Group

Nether United 2008

Coaches:  Ryan O’Neill & Brad Pratzner


The mission of Nether United 2008 is to prepare athletes for the next level of competition, through age appropriate training, a positive development environment, and maintaining a fun and enjoyable experience. 

  1. PLAYER DEVELOPMENT:   Each player is offered the opportunity to develop skills, learn tactics and strategies to advance their individual game, with a parallel focus on developing young leaders that work together in the best interest of the a team and organization.
  2. TEAMWORK:  Players learn constant respect for the sport and each individual on the team. Every individual should feel like an important part of the team regardless of role and performance. Our teams win together and fail together.
  3. COMPETING RESPECTFULLY:  Competing is not about winning or losing. Competition is an internal motivation that inspires us to play hard, do our best and find satisfaction in what we do and how we do it.
  4. COMMUNICATION AS A FRAMEWORK:  Communication is an essential life tool that has the ability to make or break any individual or team.  Respectful communication is modeled and expected at all levels (coach – player / player to player / coach – parent / parent – player); including fostering a positive and productive parent-club relationship.

Team Calendar 2018


  • Training Sessions-  Once a week on Sundays at a local facility from mid January and ending mid March                            



Training Sessions-

  • 2 x/week - Mondays and Wednesdays from mid March and ending mid May
  • Competitions to include: Delco/Central Spring League, Nether’s Bob Urban Tournament on 3/31, additional tournaments to be determined
  • Players are expected to attend 1 practice a week and all games


  • June-
    • 1 to 2 trainings, off until early August
  • June and July-
    • Coach Ryan O’Neill will host optional evening camps Monday-Thursdays in the Wallingford/Swarthmore area
  • August-
    • Practices 2x/week on Mondays and Wednesdays
    • Competitions to include a local tournament


Training Sessions-

  • 2x/week on Mondays and Wednesdays from September, ending mid-November
  • Competitions to include: Delco/Central Spring League, Columbus Day tournament in Maryland or Virginia, and additional local tournaments to be determined
  • Players are expected to attend all training sessions and competitions

The age group offers open, free training sessions to interested 2008 birth year players anytime throughout the year. Please email boys.travel@npaasoccer.com for more information. 

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