Background, History & Development

NPAA soccer was initiated strictly for boys in 1965 by Bill Spock at the behest of Ned McIntosh who was then President of the umbrella NPAA which had started in 1960. Ages covered were 8-10. One hundred kids showed up to play. They were lined up by size and then split equally as possible into 6 teams. One problem encountered then, and it still exists, was the availability of playing fields. Another Problem existed as quoted by Bill Spock—"My daughter Susan and two of her girl friends showed up and asked if they could play. In the context in 1965, it was unthinkable. Susan has never let me forget it."

The league grew each year and especially spurted when the community demanded there be a boys high school team. Such a team was formed in 1970 with Chris Jones as head coach. In 1970 Bob Urban took over the NPAA program. Girls were allowed to play but did not come out in great numbers until separate divisions for girls were formed. The growth of girls participation has been enormous.

Fields for practice and game purposes are a constant problem, especially in the Spring.

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